Welcome to the Peaceful Journey End-of-Life Process website.

Are you a caregiver, health professional, hospice worker, or health care researcher? Through this site we will introduce you to an important method developed to assist you in managing the end-of-life process for a family member or patient.

Nurse EducatorsPrevious research studies have resulted in multiple individual concepts for increasing patients' end-of-life quality in areas such as advanced care directives, comfort levels and spiritual care concerns protocols; however, greater education is needed in fulfilling all the patients' needs together under one "umbrella" or "conceptual map." As a result of these needs being identified through the practice and Master's Degree research and study of Reinette Powers Murray, M.S.N, R.N., "Spiritual Care Beliefs and Practices of the Registered Nurse at the Patients' End-of-Life," the Peaceful Journey End-of-Life Process was developed.

A simple conceptual map and explanation of the holistic approach of this process can be found on the Circle Diagram of the Peaceful Journey–End-of-Life Process page.

Contact Reinette Powers Murray to schedule a staff training session, consultation, lecture or to request further infomation. View what professionals have said about Reinette and her research on end-of-life issues on the Testimonials page.

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